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Who Can Benefit From Fasting and Detoxification? - What is holistic health care? | Body Mind Detox

Who Can Benefit From Fasting and Detoxification?

Fasting and Detoxification has been used for thousands of years to cleanse the body on a physical, mental, emotional, energetic and spiritual level.

On a physical level, it helps to purify the body, on an emotional level, it offers time for rest, reflection, contemplation and an opportunity to ‘let go’, on a mental level it dissolves external attachments to food, society’s demands and expectations, on an energetic level, it can remove blocks and enhances the movement of Pranic energy and on a spiritual level it allows you to release the attachment of the ego and realign yourself to discover the ‘truth’ of who you really are.

I firmly believe that you are the creator of your own reality by the thoughts you think, the emotions you choose to feel, the food choices you make, and the actions you take. Nothing happens by chance and self-responsibility gives you power.

The state of your health is a reflection of the state of your mind and the choices you make and you have the power to continue on the same path or change direction and the good news is that if you created it you can also change it or heal it.

When you recognize with unwavering faith the power of your body’s ability to heal, amazing miraculous events begin to unfold. Amity Wellness invites you to join us on this journey.


Benefits from Fasting and Detox

Through the past decade I have personally witnessed amazing, miraculous and life changing transformations. One gentleman had a degenerative disease that left him practically wheel chair bound, within 30 days of raw cleansing he was power walking one hour daily and had eliminated 80% of the constant pain from his body, another lady had been bedridden with Chronic fatigue for almost 2 years, she regained her foothold amongst the living and was able to regain her strength and start living again.

I witnessed one lady suffering with chronic depression who had lost the will to live transform and awaken to the many blessing available to her, cleansing allowed here to reconnect with her true self, let go of the need to control situations in her life and start loving herself once more.

I have seen people who have been enslaved to their addictions, break free and release their negatives habits and patterns and I have seen people lower blood pressure, eliminate insomnia after 10 years, reduce Cholesterol levels, reverse diabetes, reverse allergies, cure digestive disorders, cure so called ‘incurable’ diseases.

Every individual’s journey through the process is unique, but it is an ‘awakening’ that is truly life changing, it helps to retune your body, to reconnect you with the universe and bridge the body and the mind, it lifts your vibration to a heightened level, you will not only feel invigorated and rejuvenated but you should notice you have adapted a more positive attitude, improved mental focus and a desire to continue to adopt a more healthy lifestyle in the future.

Amity Wellness is unique from other health and fitness programs because our emphasis is on every aspect that encompasses health and wellbeing, including fitness, holistic nutrition, stress management, lifestyle choices, mind and body, nutritional supplementation, social and cultural influences, positivity and happiness. Our goal is to restore the equilibrium of the body as a whole by cleansing the body physically, spiritually, emotionally, and mentally.

For more information, please visit our website at http://www.amitywellness.com or email us at info@amitywellness.com