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Top 5 Highly Effective Weight Loss Strategies - What is holistic health care? | Body Mind Detox

Top 5 Highly Effective Weight Loss Strategies

The most important step that you can take towards the success of your weight loss is to accept total responsibility for your life. The blame game is a common flaw in human development, it is much easier for us to blame kids, partners, genetics, injuries, work commitments, emotions, stress, circumstances, location, social events, hormones, and life’s challenges than to confidently claim responsibility for our choices and behaviors.

Many people set their ideal target weight and upon reaching the goal feel unsure of what to do next, all the energy can quickly evaporate and then emotional triggers, social events, lack of motivation and stress or any numbers of excuses can open the door wide open to the possibility of re-gaining the weight.

So why do people repeat these self-sabotaging patterns? Its because health is a journey and not just a numerical destination, the key to sustaining optimal health and vitality is to use unconditional love as the driving force.

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