The Importance of Enzymes

The definition for an Enzyme is a protein catalyst that is created within the cells of living things. It is estimated that there are over 5000 Enzymes in the human body that are responsible for over 25,000 different reactions. Every action or function in our body is dependent on these enzymes and Dr Shinya believes that we all have a predetermined number of ‘source’ enzymes available within the human body. Our supply of enzymes are mainly used for digestion, transportation, excretion, energy, synthesis and detoxification.


I would like to take this opportunity to share an opinion that was shared in a book called the The Enzyme Factor: Diet for the Future which was written by Hiromi Shinya, a pioneer of Colonoscopies who integrates both western and eastern medicine and lives by the theory that ‘miracle’ enzymes are the secret to longevity, health and vitality.

Dr Shinya believes that these ‘source’ enzymes are adaptogenic and can be converted into the type of enzyme necessary depending on an individuals needs and he believes that your lifespan could be dependant upon how quickly you deplete or how well you manage to preserve this supply of ‘source’ enzymes.

Our modern day fast paced living and continual physical and emotional stress coupled with alcohol, tobacco, food addictives, electro-magnetic waves, infections, pollution, poor digestion, agricultural chemicals and daily exposure to toxicity are rapidly exhausting our supply of precious enzymes.

One of our biggest problems is that its common for human being to live on a cooked food diet but when food is heated over 118 degrees it kills the enzymes in the food which means that your body has to expend more energy and deplete its own resources of enzymes for digestion at the expense of having less enzymes for other important functions within the human body.

This doesn’t mean you have to become a Raw foodest but certainly I would recommend introducing more raw foods into the diet that contain an abundance of enzymes to aid in digestion and preserve your ‘source’ enzymes for other more demanding tasks.

The wonderful thing is that we have free will and can choose which foods we wish to consume on a daily basis. When we couple this with the knowledge that these Enzymes rich foods are going to give us more longevity, energy and support for our precious body then I think it’s a no brainer, we must take measures to reduce the internal and external toxins that are depleting our enzymes and introduce more Enzyme rich foods to support our bodies regeneration, revival and repair.


Garden of Life Enzyme

If you live in a country where you don’t have an abundance of fresh organic raw foods then you may wish to reinforce the body with supplements such as ‘Digestive Enzymes’ and ‘Probiotics’.  One brand that I am a big fan of is Garden of Life.

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