The Human Body Is Amazing

The human body is amazing, it consists of 206 bones and more than 650 muscles, our ears are actually able to detect over 400,000 sounds.  Our noses can smell up to 10,000 different odours, the focusing muscles of the eyes  move around 100,000 times per day, the skin is able to remove toxins through sweat, protecting us from external temperature changes and completely regrow  the outer skin every 27 days losing approximately 30,000 dead skin cells every minute.

The kidneys contain about 1,000,000  filters and process more than one litre of blood every minute, the liver carry’s out more than 500 functions, the respiratory system enriches the blood with oxygen, the circulatory system contains more than 60,000miles of blood vessels.

The nervous systems transmitting messages, the endocrine system secreting hormones, the digestive system absorbing nutrients and expelling wastes, the urinary system filtering the blood, the immune system protecting us from foreign bodies, bacteria, fungal infections  and many more functions all working together in synchronicity every day of our lives, the human body truly is a miraculous gift.   In addition to all of these functions our bodies have to withstand daily ingestions of toxins, stress and excess acids.


Don’t over burden your system!

Imagine a stream or river that has been partially blocked by a fallen tree or large rock.  If the obstruction isn’t removed it continues to collect debris such as sticks, branches, grass, garbage and small stones further restricting the flow of the water.

Compare this analogy to your body with the stream being your channels of elimination that are designed to carry the waste to the internal organs and assist in there elimination, when these channels become obstructed and blocked with large amounts of wastes, they further continue to collect debris such as saturated fats, sugars, yeasts, fungi, parasites, food additives, pesticides, toxic chemicals, drug residues and heavy metals overloading the system and often resulting in illness, chronic fatigue, disease or lack of good health.

Combine this with the exhausting challenge of having to digest ‘food like’ meals that don’t digest or breakdown well and offer none or very little returns nutritionally.

The result is an overtaxed immune system, clogged vessels, slumped energy levels and a scenario where someone may end up overweight but starving nutritionally, yes, overfed but undernourished.  Be kind to your body, offer it the respect that it deserves and remember your body is constantly breaking down and rebuilding itself and it can only do that with the fuel that you provide.

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