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Post Cleanse Help - What is holistic health care? | Body Mind Detox

Post Cleanse Help

A good Post Cleanse helps you to continue to progress along the path to optimal health and wellness.

Cleansing can be very beneficial for everyone, healthy or sick, old or young, it can bring about an amazing transformation resulting in greater energy, joy and vitality.

Once you have taken the time to cleanse your body, purify your mind and further develop your spirituality it is crucial to return to your daily lives with a committed level of dedication. A good Post Cleanse helps you to continue to progress along the path to optimal health and wellness.

Upon completion of any cleansing program or detox, it is imperative that you restore both orally and anally to get best results any lost ‘friendly bacteria’ that may have been depleted during a cleanse. This can be achieved using a probiotic implant administered directly into the rectum. Restoring the ‘friendly bacteria’ will help to suppress the growth of any harmful pathogens, viruses or yeast within the intestinal tract as well as keeping parasites in check and enhancing the absorption of crucial nutrients to further strengthen the immune system.


Post Cleanse Help

To achieve the best results, choose a high quality vegan probiotic, one that is non-dairy based and doesn’t contain Gluten, Soy, Lactose, sugar, yeast, milk, eggs or fish. Cheaper brands of probiotics can actually be acid forming so splurge on a reputable brand.

A good probiotic for general use would be highly populated with Bifidobacterium bacteria, including B.Longum, B.infantis, B.bifidum and a probiotic highly populated with Lactobacillus Acidophilus should be used to treat more adverse conditions of the bowel.

I would also recommend drinking Chlorophyll during and post cleanse as this helps to restore friendly bacteria and it’s a very powerful detoxifier and potent healer. Chlorophyll will also help to bind and release heavy metals, purify the liver, stabilize blood sugar levels and neutralize toxicity. Chlorophyll is the pigment in plants where photosynthesis takes place, it can be found in raw leafy greens or you can use a freeze dried organic powder if you live in a country where organic foods are difficult to find.


Post Cleanse Help

The most important thing you need to do when you break your fast is to send a message to your body telling it that you are no longer starving, you can do this by eating natural living foods that have a high water content in small quantities every two to three hours throughout the day. After about three days the body will recognize that it is clearly no longer starving and will deactivate the storage response that was issued when your body thought it was entering a period of famine. Eating five to six small meals per day will also help to stabilize your insulin levels, give you plenty of energy and also help to speed up your metabolism.

After completion of your fast or detox, it’s a good idea to complete a post cleansing period that consists of an abundance of raw, natural, whole and alkalizing foods. The period immediately after a fast is a perfect time for exploring new raw foods, as you will have eliminated your cravings for salty, fatty or sweet foods and you will appreciate the natural sweetness of the foods that you consume.

Post Cleansing is not about perfection, its about assessing your lifestyle choices and seeing what areas can be gradually upgraded. A good start is just to get back to eating ‘real’ foods and making a commitment to avoid sugar and anything processed or packaged. The most important thing that enters your mouth, needs to be a good supply of natural alkaline water, vitamins, minerals, enzymes, antioxidants, phytonutrients and fibre. Your post cleanse should include plenty of fresh alkaline vegetables, low sugar fruits, salads, soups, broths, nuts, seeds, green juices, superfoods and fresh shakes.

If you have ever experienced a hangover then you will be fully aware of how it feels to consume a large quantity of highly acidic liquids. Processed foods, junk food, sugar and other highly acid foods that are lacking in nutrition will have an acidifying effect on your overall saliva pH level, this can leave you feeling like you have a permanent hangover.

Disease, bacteria, parasites and fungus can only survive in a highly acidic environment so its crucial to keep our bodies as Alkaline as possible. When the body is highly alkaline, you will feel the opposite of how you feel when you have a hangover; full of energy, with crystal clear thinking and the advantage of a strengthened immune system.


Post Cleanse Help

In modern society so many people are actually ‘overfed’ but completely ‘undernourished’. People may be overweight or Obese but actually starving nutritionally due to poor diet or over processing of foods. We have to remember that when we get hungry, our body is telling us that it needs nutrients. Processed and junk foods are empty calories and provide no nutrition and no matter how much you actually eat, it will not properly satisfy your hunger because your body will continue to send out hunger pains asking for the nutrition that it needs, this explains why people can really ‘pig out’ and overeat when eating junk foods.

We must also remember that your food is only as nutritious as the soil it is grown in and if the soil is nutritionally depleted or laden with harmful insecticides, pesticides, poisons, toxins, antibiotics, growth hormones or chemical fertilisers then your fruits and vegetables could actually be toxic, this is why we should always choose Organic whenever possible and wash or peel fresh produce prior to consuming it.

Hopefully after completing a cleanse you will be starting a new exercise regime to help to kick start your metabolism, choose an activity that you enjoy and maybe even team up with a partner so that you can encourage each other.

Once you start training you need to make sure that you are getting an adequate amount of protein to support your muscles. Spirulina is one of the most digestible proteins and nutrient dense foods on the planet, it provides all 8 essential amino acids to build a complete protein and contains an abundance of antioxidants to stimulate the immune system, cleanse the blood and reverse the harmful effects of bacteria, fungus, infections, viruses and parasites. Other sources of non animal protein include Bee Pollen, Maca, Hemp, Goji Berry, Algae, Chlorella, Chlorophyll, Flaxseeds, Chia seeds, mushrooms, leafy greens, beans, nuts and some fruits and vegetables.

In addition to eating a predominantly alkaline diet consisting of natural living foods, it’s also important that you are eating a sufficient amount of healthy fats to keep our brains healthy and our mood positive. Examples of healthy fats include Olive oil, Cod liver oil, Sesame oil, Raw nuts, Chia seeds, Avocados, Fish oil and Flaxseed oil.

Finally I need to mention a category of very nutrient dense foods that we refer to as superfoods, these can really enhance your physical and mental health and strengthen the immune system dramatically because they can be rapidly absorbed and assimilated. Well-known superfoods include Aloe Vea, Algaes (Chlorella, blue-green algae and spirulina), wheatgrass, Goji berries, Maca, Bee Pollen, Raw Cocao, Suma, Camu Camu and Noni.

By following the guidelines and adhering to a natural, whole food diet you can continue to accelerate the healing process of your body, resulting in greater energy, health and vitality. Good Luck!

“Post Cleansing is not about perfection, its about assessing your lifestyle choices and seeing what areas can be gradually upgraded. A good start is just to get back to eating ‘real’ foods and making a commitment to avoid sugar and anything processed or packaged.”