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Blood Chemistry Functional Report - Optional Range Assessment

Blood Chemistry Functional Report


Body Mind detox have teamed up with a local pathology clinic to offer our clients Blood Analysis Screening & Functional Nutrition Report.

Functional Optimal range assessments can aid in establishing silent warning signals that commonly precede dysfunction and highlight where the body could benefit from profound lifestyle changes and nutritional support.

This overall functional analysis offers feedback relating to:

  • CBC (Complete Blood count)

  • Blood Sugar Imbalances

  • Inflammation Markers

  • Digestion Markers

  • Iron/Ferritin Test

  • Basic Nutrients

  • Electrolyte Balance

  • Thyroid Panel

  • Cholesterol Panel

Are you sick of hearing that everything looks 'Normal'?

One of the things that annoys patients more than anything when they know and feel that something is wrong, is to be told that “everything looks normal.” This is the most common complaint about traditional blood chemistry analysis. If you do a functional analysis of your blood test results you will always have something to work on because it looks at sub clinical and optimal ranges to identify where improvements can be made, nothing is black and white. I have yet to see a “normal” functional analysis of a blood test.

Can You Help Me Diagnose Disease?

A Functional Wellness Coach is not a licensed clinician and doesn’t diagnose any illnesses, prescribe any medications or treat any diseases. The purpose of a consultation is to identify nutrition and lifestyle choices that can have a positive impact on overall health. If any results are out of clinical range, then you will need to consult with your GP to diagnose any medical conditions that might be apparent.

Can I Order Pathology Testing Through You?

All pathology testing is carried out by a local licensed medical clinic. Body Mind Detox can arrange the appointment and offer educational information designed to help you identify nutritional imbalances through the use of optimal ranges.

Choose to Invest in Your Health

Functional lab testing may initially appear expensive but if you have been experiencing symptoms that effect your energy, happiness or vitality for a long period of time, then it can be the most profound investment that you ever make.


Coming Soon: The 21 Day Primitive Health Challenge

Want to sky rocket your health and vitality?  Why not sign up for the 21 day primitive health challenge.  The good news is that the first one will be free.  The challenge includes nutrition tips, meal plans, detox protocols, workshops, guided meditations and much more…………..