Amity Wellness Retreats


Amity Wellness is an intimate boutique resort offering all inclusive holistic cleansing programs in sunny Phuket, Thailand

Gut Testing


Hippocrates theorised that all disease begins in an unhealthy gut. These tests can identify pathogens, leaky gut, Candida overgrowth, H.Pylori and more

DNA Testing


This saliva DNA test can use the power of personal genetics to help you to reach your fitness and nutrition goals on the most personal and advanced level.

Food Sensitivity Testing


The Intolerance Test uses a simple analysis to test a number of different food and non-food items to identify what could be causing a reaction due to having an intolerance.

Wellness Programs


Powerful cleansing programs that implement detoxification protocols, nutritional strategies, stress management techniques and holistic healing modalities.

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Learn how to Beat Abdominal Bloating!

Abdominal bloating is when the abdomen feels full and tight, it is usually caused by...

Learn how to Beat Abdominal Bloating!
Who Can Benefit From Fasting and Detoxification?

Fasting and Detoxification has been used for thousands of years to cleanse the body on a...

Who Can Benefit From Fasting and Detoxification?
Could your Thyroid be sabotaging your weight loss?

The Thyroid is a butterfly shaped gland in the neck that drives metabolism and controls...

Could your Thyroid be sabotaging your weight loss?
Are you Inflamed?

Unfortunately we exist in a pro-inflammatory world; overworking, overeating, overthinking, over exercising, binge drinking, smo

Are you Inflamed?
Castor Oil for Detoxification

Whether you're a diehard cruncher or stalwart planker, your ab workout could probably use a tune-up.

Castor Oil for Detoxification
Do you have this common Intestinal Roundworm?

Get fitter, faster. Burn calories quickly with this high-intensity circuit! If you've got 15 minutes, you can send fat fleeing.

Do you have this common Intestinal Roundworm?

Healthy recipes to help you to nurture, nourish and support your body and mind!

Utilising Organic Superfoods and Nutritional Supplements aimed at accelerating your path to vitality.

Holistic Health Care

Knowledge is power and Body Mind Detox presents an array of Holistic Health Care information and resources to support you in reaching your goals towards restoring equilibrium of the Body, Mind and Spirit, including Lifestyle choices, Detoxification, Digestion, Hormones, Holistic Nutrition, Fitness, Stress Management, Positivity and of course Happiness.

What Is Holistic Health Care?

Holistic health care is unique from other health and fitness programs because the emphasis is on every aspect that encompasses wellbeing and holistic health, including holistic nutrition, fitness, stress management, mind and body, nutritional supplementation, lifestyle choices, social and cultural influences, positivity and happiness. The goal is to restore the equilibrium of the body as a whole by cleansing the body physically, spiritually, emotionally, and mentally.

Meet Gary

Gary’s goal was to reset and to kick start healthier lifestyle choices, he did amazing and his results were profound.

Gary was able to kick some lifelong bad habits, recharge his energy levels, improve his digestion and lose 3 points on his Visceral fat during his detox giving him the motivation and knowledge to continue on his journey and reach his target weight through mindful educated eating habits, sensible exercise, powerful detox protocols and specific upgraded lifestyle changes.


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